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ZEFFET el ARUSSAIN The Arabic Bridal Procession 

OUR Prices are reasonable. What we offer is culturally correct for the country or area you want for your special day. Lebanon and the Levant plus Egypt are our forte. We accept credit and debit cards for your convenience.



The Ultimate in Arabic Wedding Entertainment
LET US MAKE IT PERFECT FOR YOU: You can choose from a simple zeffet with A drummer to adding a dancer or two with A shamadan to a full wedding performance designed for you. Choose just the procession with a drummer and dancer, either a belly dance or two or a full folklore show.

 We also offer lectures for dancers on ZEFFET so you can understand why you are doing these jobs.

The Finest of Wedding Memories

 Introducing to you a service offered through C*E*D*A*R Productions located in the South East.  This service caters to the Arabic community of Knoxville and beyond. We are well aware of the importance of keeping your culture pure.We are the only ones in most of the USA that does traditional Zeffets.
We also want to assure  that you get the most for your hard earned dollars. With this economy we are here to assist you with your wedding plans. Our prices are reasonable.
We will bring the best dancers that will be comprised of performers that study Arabic dance, music and culture. They are chosen for their expertise and rapport with the Middle Eastern community and have excellent performing abilities. The whole wedding experience is geared to you and your requests. We realize how important this day is to you.

We Understand Your Needs!

 The director of ZEFFET el ARUSSAIN is Walid Assaf who was born in Lebanon and migrated to the US in 1973. He is also the Musical Director of CEDAR Productions. WALID is not only a master percussionist who has performed all over the US, Canada & Mexico but also through out the UK & the Middle East as well. He keeps close contact with his Lebanese roots and is proficient with all styles of wedding ceremonies from the area. He also played in bands since entering the US till today. He plays for all occasions on the East & West coast plus in between.

His wife, Morwenna Assaf CID member is his assistant. She is British but adopted by the Lebanese community on the east coast for her devotion to the culture. Morwenna Assaf has spent the past thirty odd years researching the Middle Eastern culture and is a widely respected educator of dance and cultural affairs.


1. A pledge of a lifetime.

2. Traditions are the spice that flavors the wedding.

3. The Arabic ceremony is a joy to behold and an unbridled affirmation of life.

4. Marriage is the strongest bond in the world.

Kiryat el Fenjan
The fortune telling from the Middle East!
Available 2021 on. Walid Assaf learned originally at his grandmother's knees in Lebanon. He has the gift. He will read the coffee grinds for you either in person, on the phone or via Skype/Zoom.
The advice he gives is directed to just you and no one else. Join the hundreds from New England to Tijuana Mexico who have had their cup read by him. Call or email us to make an appointment. We also do Fairs and parties etc. along with with private sessions. Have your fortune told by someone who follows generations of Phoenician lineage to give you the best and most honest answers. The cost is minimal for peace of mind. $75.00 for a session. Get the answers you are looking for. No situation is beyond the veil.