CEDAR Productions.

Cedar Productions is the mother company for Art/Dance Academy/Life IS Movement/ Tales 1001 run by Morwenna & Walid Assaf which equals Dancer -Drummer

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The Name- represents the wonderful land of the Cedars, Lebanon.  Our logo is "The Cedar of Lebanon"'.

Our motto is " The just shall grow and flourish like a Cedar of Lebanon.    Our logo the CEDAR TREE

Our other Logo is the land of Lebanon. 

All classes presented by **DancerAndDrummer**    

Sessions for AUTUMN 2020 = Art/Dance Academy in New Market TN plus online.


The Name- represents the wonderful land of the Cedars, Lebanon.  Our logo is "The Cedar of Lebanon"'.

Our motto is " The just shall grow and flourish like a Cedar of Lebanon.    Our logo the CEDAR TREE

Our Motto is the land of Lebanon. Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, BUT While Here We Should Enjoy!

Sessions for 2021= Art/Dance Academy in New Market TN.

 Here we are done with 2020 with lots of new plans for the future. Several things will be offered that will be online and in the studio as things permit.

Morwenna & Walid Assaf

Dancer And Drummer

760-715-2276 = Morwenna Cell / 865-375-0446 = Studio 760-715-2220 = Walid Cell.


Canceled plans due to travel bans from Corona Virus. New plans will be put into affect asap.

Cedar Productions is  a company that expanded into the publishing arena. Morwenna Assaf is the author of  16 books that all deal with Middle Eastern dance and music and movement. Her books are educational and creative to help all students and teachers of the dance to progress and be knowledgeable. The 16 books based on the learning to expand yourself as a dancer and teacher available through us and  Amazon.com. Kobo and iTunes. There will be links here and on our website https://Tales1001.webs.com

We also offer Traveling Tours to Lebanon via our Open Borders division. Next tour is planned for October 2021. This has been delayed at the moment due to the Corona Virus and bans on traveling. This is not just for dancers or musicians. This is a trip everyone should take.

 We are also a booking agency based near Knoxville, TN especially for Arabic style weddings of the Levant and for a variety of acts such as Middle Eastern  drummers and DJ services. etc of Arabic countries. We also have speakers for lectures on fitness and cultural topics for schools at all levels, libraries and museums.  

                           Lucia of S D and Fadi el Saadi of Lebanon and Mexico City.



HISTORY of CEDAR Productions-

MANAGER = Walid Assaf

We are a not for profit organization formed in 1999 when the US Marine Corps called and asked us to take over their booking of acts for their International Festivals. For the next few years we just did more and more of this on an annual basis. By 9/11 we realized we had a full contingent of acts to pick from but it was time to move on.
 CEDAR Productions was formed but with the idea of offering our aid for culturally based act to hopefully educate the general public on the beauty and generosity of the Middle Eastern peoples as a whole. Not as the media usually shows these people. These are a people who are proud, love their county, music, dance and have so much to offer the world.

We have booked weddings in NYC from England and around the USA. We sponsor entertainers from around the USA and annually from Canada, Egypt, Lebanon and Mexico City. for all kinds of functions be they corporate, libraries, dinners and hafli's  etc. We have no shortage of talent. Our newest ideas after just returning from Lebanon are not to be outdone by any in the area. Have a true Zeffa for your wedding. We present Lebanese, Egyptian and Iraqi  zeffets for the finest wedding celebration.


Director: Walid Assaf, an accomplished Middle Eastern percussionist who has been involved with theater, dance and entertainment all his life. Born Lebanon and starting his career there and then migrated to Boston and the  Rhode Island area to continue his life as a drummer. Moved to Southern CA in 1996.   Walid speaks fluent English and Arabic.  For Spanish speaking customers we have the guy for that too. 




Morwenna Assaf CID  member, was born in England and has also been involved with films and theater from a young age. Starting in dance in England as a child and moving to Montreal and finding dance was her life's ambition. Moved to CA as a teenager and continued that love. She then went east to the Boston, Rhode Island area to pursue that love. Finding her way into NYC made a life changing career as a professional performer and educator. Then she moved back to the San Diego area to continue her dance career and opened Art/Dance Academy. After 18 years was transported to Eastern TN to be near family.


1065 Susan Drive